AA Champion AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

Can also be used as starting batteries

  • Do you like fiddling with hydrometers and corrosive acid?
  • Do you like having to add distilled water regularly to batteries you cannot access easily?
  • Do you like the smell of lead acid fumes while charging your batteries?
  • Do you like batteries that self discharge over 30% per month?
  • Do you like throwing your money away on batteries that you have to replace every 2-3 years?
  • Do you like batteries that are wasting your expensive solar power
  • are you having to run your generator for long periods because they require 115-125+ Amp/Hours charging for every 100 Amp/Hours that you use?

If your answers to the above questions has been NO!!! Then WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU!!! The AA CHAMPION DEEP CYCLE AGM BATTERY!!!

  • NO hydrometers to fiddle with, and NO corrosive acid EVER!!
  • NO maintenance - NO adding water EVER!!
  • NO acid fumes while charging!!
  • Self discharge of less than 2% per month!!
  • 5 to 10 YEAR WARRANTY, conditional on type and usage
  • MUCH MORE COST EFFECTIVE - much better value for your money!!


General Description These current technology sealed batteries are designed to provide the best performance in deep cycle applications. These batteries provide these benefits with none of the disadvantages of liquid acid batteries

  • DO NOT require maintenance (i.e. no water addition!)
  • DO NOT discharge corrosive gases in significant quantities
  • DO NOT self-discharge at the same rate as other batteries
  • WILL last three to five times as long as older technology liquid acid batteries

Gas Generation During charging, over 99% of gases generated are recombined inside the battery. This means almost no corrosive gases are discharged. This benefits the user as these batteries can be stored anywhere - even inside! NO corrosion of terminal and interconnecting hardware, and NO requirement to add water or perform maintenance testing

Operation in ANY Position With the advance sealed and leak-proof construction, these batteries are able to be used in any position. This makes installation easy with more options on size and the reduction of installation costs

Low Self-Discharge With the innovative technology incorporated in the design and manufacture of these batteries, a self-discharge rate of 2% per month, or less, will be achieved at normal operating temperatures. Compare this with liquid acid technology batteries, which will self-discharge at 5% per week or greater! The AA Champion AGM batteries therefore give greater efficiency for the end user, providing such benefits as reduced generator fuel consumption, and better usage of expensive solar charging resources

Long Service Life AA Champion AGM batteries are designed and manufactured to provide the longest possible service life. In a Deep-Cycle application, the UCH2 series (2 volt cells) can charge/discharge more than 2100 times to a 50% discharge level. In float applications (such as stand-by power supplies) the NP series (6 and 12 volt) batteries will achieve 3 to 5 year service life, and the UCH2 series batteries 10 to 15 years. In typical* Remote Area Power Supply, Motorhome, and Deep-Cycle Marine applications. *The above service life expectancies are based on a 20% capacity loss and 80% capacity remaining at the end of the stated service life

Highest Efficiency AA Champion AGM batteries offer some of the very best efficiencies in the marketplace. Typically efficiencies achieved are 95% or better. The benefits to the Motorhome/Remote Area Power Supply user are distinct and economic. An efficiency of 95% means that for every 100 A/Hrs put into the batteries 95 A/Hrs can be taken out. Liquid acid technologies typically only achieve 85% efficiencies, meaning that for 100 A/Hrs put in, only 85 A/Hrs can be taken out. Economic benefits to the end-user are:

  • Reduced generator fuel usage
  • Shorter generator run-times
  • Greater efficiency of solar investments

Lowest Installation Cost As stated earlier, these batteries can be installed in places and positions not possible with liquid acid batteries. The fact they do not discharge corrosive gases means they can be placed in closer proximity to inverters (and other such sensitive equipment) without harmful effects, thus reducing battery cable lengths and lowering installation costs. In addition, the UCH2 (2 volt) series come with a high quality set of copper tinned interconnecting links

Lowest Possible Maintenance Costs These batteries are sealed and do not discharge corrosive gases and therefore do not require topping up with expensive battery water, or the laborious and somewhat dangerous procedure of hydrometer testing. The absence of corrosive gas discharge means that battery terminal fixing hardware does not corrode or require maintenance

Best Possible Warranty AA Champion AGM batteries are backed by what we believe to be the best warranty in the market. They are warranted for 5 years (NP 6 Volt and 12 Volt series) and 10 years (UCH2 - 2 Volt series) service life, the first year being at replacement value and the remaining years pro-rata. As stated above, we believe end-users in typical Morhome/Remote Power applications will achieve service lives of fifteen to twenty years for the UCH2 series,and 5 to 8 years for the NP series

Lowest Life Cycle Costs Studying the benefits of AA Champion AGM batteries will show that they provide the lowest life-cycle costs when compared with other lead acid based battery technologies. We believe that considering their longer and lower maintenance, these batteries show approximately half the cost of ownership as a similar capacity liquid acid installation.

Deep Discharge Recovery Improved design features enable the battery to provide a better recovery after repeated deep discharges. This contributes to the extended life expectancies and is important in Remote Area Power Supply applications

No Memory Effect AA Champion AGM batteries provide no memory effect after repetitious usage or recharge. This contributes to long service life and is a very important feature.


Model Voltage C100*1 Ahr C10*2 Ahr CCA at 20°C Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Height over Terminal (mm) Weight (kg) Warranty (yrs) Price
C6V195 6 195 150 1512 260 180 247 265 21 5 Call us
C6V260 6 260 200 2016 306 168 226 243 28 5 $296 inc. GST
C6V260D 6 260 200 T105 size 260 178 247 265 28 5 $296 inc. GST
C6V286 6 286 220 R220 size 260 180 243 261 31 5 $339 inc. GST
C6V390D 6 390 300 L16 size 298 178 345 365 48 5 $549 inc. GST
C12V71 12 71 55 554 228 137 212 227 17 5 $186 inc. GST
C12V104 12 104 80 806 350 167 179 179 22.5 5 $263 inc. GST
C12V104D 12 104 80 806 260 169 208 212 22.5 5 $263 inc. GST
C12V130 12 130 100 1008 330 173 214 229 29 5 $318 inc. GST
C12V156 12 156 120 1210 410 177 225 225 36 5 $362 inc. GST
C12V195 12 195 150 1512 485 170 242 242 46 5 $450 inc. GST
C12V260 12 260 200 2016 522 240 218 233 61 5 $582 inc. GST
C12V325 12 325 250 2520 522 268 220 235 70 5 $747 inc. GST

*1 C100 = The total Ahrs you can pull out of a battery over a period of 100 hours (Deep cycle, house battery usage) *2 C10 = The total Ahrs you can pull out of a battery over a period of 10 hours (Starting battery usage)


UCH2 Batteries
UCH-2 Battery

Warranty Conditions

Download a PDF copy of the 6V/12V AGM Warranty Conditions here